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30 Years of Experience
  • We have the resources and ability to repair, refurbish, and replace components or find an effective and economical solution.
  •  We will provide timely response and repair in emergency situations.
  • We will update signal documentation at signal locations that have been damaged by age, weather and pests.  We update documentation that has excessive mark-ups and provide a clean set. 

Temporary Inspection Solutions

  • Pratt Railway Services provides compliance program services and can evaluate your existing system and record keeping practices. 

We’re here when you need us.


  • We will manage all of your monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, two, four and ten-year inspections. We will review your current records and develop a schedule to keep your signal systems compliant with FRA Regulations.



Development and Management of Comprehensive Inspection Schedules

We exceed expectations.

Management of Test Documentation

We pay attention to the details.

Maintenance & Inspection

Pratt Railway Services provides grade crossing and signal system maintenance, construction, engineering, and consulting services in and beyond the New England area.  

What We Provide

Emergency Repairs 
  • Pratt Railway Services will provide relief or will assist your existing signal department due to short-term man power issues.
  • We will develop test documentation tailored specifically to your railroad or manage existing procedures and test routines.

General Maintenance and Repair

Compliance Programs

CAD Services

Pratt Railway Services